Klocc bags

Originally a graduate specialising in leather, the designer of the organic KLOCC bag and storage collection replaced easily malleable leather with one-centimetre-thick 100% wool felt. She used blocking - a technology based on form development without cutting and stiffening - which requires a flexible, strechable and easy-to-shape material, and further improved the design by making them water-resistant.

Thus, she created integrated and multifunctional objects that harmoniously blend into our everday lives. With her work the designer has also won the Lajos Kozma Crafts and Design Scholarship, enabling her to develop this all-round flexible collection. Klocc is a high standard representative of contentporary design trend that upholds environmental conciousness and functionality while creating significant economic advantages. Moreover, it easily lends itself to small-scale manufacturing: the designer makes them herself on commission from galleries and private custumers.

The collection has won the Special Price of the Hungarian Design Award 2011.

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